How did I get here?
My Dad was a photographer's assistant in his teenage years, working for Mr Joe Mathews in London, England.   He developed film from weddings and those taken in the studio and printed pictures in black and white. He's loved photography since those days and although pursued various careers over time, his interest in photography remained.  Retired now, after running his own successful business for 30 years, we talk about our cameras, pictures and what the next opportunity will be.  I love my Dad, he's my hero. 

I feel like I got my passion from my Dad (along with his sense of humour, annoying habit of chewing my nails when I'm distracted and love of animals, especially dogs) , maybe it's hereditory although I know it was "just meant to be".  

I always remember having a camera as kid.  Early on it was a disposable camera, you took a bunch of pictures, went to a store and handed over the complete camera and 10 days later you had a packet of photographs in your hands.  Granted many were out of focus, unrecognizable or just questionable...I was a kid and could barely stand still long enough to take the picture let alone get something of quality.

My parents had an instamatic camera at one time and there was much excitement.  You could take a picture and a minute later it rolled out of the camera.  It  was amazing.  So high tech!

Then came my very own "proper"camera.  One you had to feed a roll of film into.  I would take rolls of pictures either purchased by my Mom (thanks Mom) or with my own money once I started working my first Saturday job (in a shoe are another passion) at the grand old age of 13.  

In my lunch hour on a Saturday I would take the rolls to a store to develop.  Later, they were placed in an envelope, the kind you got in a magazine or newspaper and sent off to a company to develop the film and post your photos back.  At that time this was much cheaper than store prices but a bit could end up never seeing your pictures again.  
My parents and I at Lake Louise, AB in 2015

I have had a rocky history with cameras, my first heartbreaking experience was having one stolen on a family holiday in Spain when I was 11?...2 weeks of pictures gone.  Yes I left it on my beach towel whilst I went for a swim...but never expected somone would take it.  My first few years in Canada I went through a point and shoot camera a year, falling over, dropping them and one left behind at Lake Louise (another heartbreak, my husband said it was my fault, I said it was his...).  

I once took one back to the store with a cracked screen and broken focus asking "I've only had this 6 months, could we do anything under warranty"?  The response was "the warranty covers a lot of things but it doesn't cover clumsy".  Aside from the questionable customer service they were right, but it was worth a try. 

So here I am today, my husband was understandably nervous about encouraging my first purchase of a "real" camera and from that day insisted and still does, that I put the strap around my neck everytime I use it.  I've upgraded since then as my passion continues to grow and it has led me here, wanting to share my dream with you.

I couldn't have done any of it without my family who I adore.  My husband who I love, who makes me laugh and has been on every journey with me and my wonderful friends, both sides of the pond, who cheer me on every step of the way.

My husband and I at Lake Louise, AB in 2015